After the bottling operation has been completed the Pilot Plan should be thoroughly cleaned as follows:

      If hot water is used, remove the Dial Thermometer with a wrench and clean the stem and thread fitting.

      Do not use hot water as the bi-metal coil in the steam may be damaged by heat.

      Remove the Stone Assembly from the quick connect fitting and loosen the cap nut to remove

      the carbonating stone. Clean all parts in a chlorine solution and rinse with clean water.

      The carbonating stone should be cleaned by soaking in a solution of RBS-35 (Pierce Chemical Co.)

      for a period of 24 hours. The solution and instructions are available from Zahm & Nagel CO.


      After the carbonating stone has soaked in this solution, it should be reassembled in the Stone Assembly and back flushed with clean water until all traces of the RBS-35 solution have been removed.

      Steam followed with dry air may also be used to clean the carbonating stone. Once the carbonating stone has been dried it should be stored in a clean and dry area.

      All product hoses should be disconnected and rinsed with a chlorine solution. The hoses should be rinsed with clean water and dried with pressurized air.


      The Pilot Plant Tank and fittings should be steam cleaned or rinsed with a chlorine solution and

      then flushed with clean water and dried. Do not allow chlorine to come into contact with stainless steel

      for more than a few minutes as it will corrode this material very rapidly.