Zahm Computerized Piercing Device

      (Series 14000)

















SERIES 14000

The Zahm Computerized Piercing Device is a newly developed instrument for testing volumes of CO2 gas

in bottles and cans.

Gas volumes are measured directly by the computer;

thereby eliminating the need for CO2 gas conversion

charts and yielding very accurate, reliable results even

in the hands of an inexperienced operator.

Both temperature and pressure are LCD displayed and

can be re-calibrated by the operator.

Two CO2 conversion tables can be installed in the computer (for example, sugar and diet beverages/beer

and water).

Data memory and read out are available for 5 samples.

Altitude correction factors can also be entered.

Available in one and two litre sizes.

Computer and thermometer may be ordered separately

for attachment to existing Zahm Piercing Devices.

Please specify when inquiring about this instrument

whether you wish a beer or soft drink model. 

Soft drink models also need to indicate whether the unit

is for a Coca Cola plant since these require a different formula in the computer.