Zahm Model 48-A CO2 Volume Computer

     (Series 12000)








































Specifications / Features: 

The Zahm series 12,000 CO2 Volume Computer operates

in basically the same manner as the Series 1000 Volume Meter

but is faster and more accurate due to the incorporation of

a highly accurate pressure transducer and RTD thermometer.

The resulting volumes of CO2 gas are digitally displayed on the

small hand-held computer that attaches to the Volume Meter.

The computer has touch panel controls, large digital readout,

automatic stability sensors, on-board diagnostics,

LED mode indicators, automatic shut-off and environmentally

protected circuitry.


Pressure Mode / Range: 
Measures and displays the gauge pressure within the test vessel.

Specified range is from .2 to 25.3 psi (pounds per square inch gauge) 


Temperature Mode / Range: 
Measures and displays the temperature within the vessel.

Specified range is from 26.0 to 57.0 degrees F. in .5 degree increments. 


Volumes Mode / Range: 
Calculates and displays the volume of CO2 gas (dissolved in the liquid)

by utilizing the temperature and pressure data.

The display will be blank until stability is reached within the vessel (after agitation).

During this time the "Not Ready" LED will be on. Range is from 1.00 to 3.99 to .01 increments. 


Auto Shut-Off Times: 
Pressure Mode - 2 minutes after turn - on
Temperature Mode - 15 seconds after turn-on
Volumes Mode - 15 seconds after stability is achieved 


Battery Type:
9 volt alkaline (2 required) 


Over Pressure (Transducer): 
100 psi maximum