Zahm Modified Piercing Device

     (Series 11000)







The Series 11,000 Piercing Device is a modified Zahm New Style Air Tester (Series 5000) with the burette (5003-25), burette clamp (5006), support rod (5016), level bottle & stand (5047/5050) & connection tubing (5052) omitted.

This instrument is used where a separately mounted burette is preferred for air testing or where a fast, simple closure piercing unit

is required to measure pressure.

Where samples are tested at room or known temperature, gas pressure can be quickly obtained to determine CO2 gas volumes. Refer to the line drawing and parts list for ordering replacement parts. 


This instrument comes completely assemble with a 2" Dia. dual scale (0-60 psi & 0-4.2 kg/cm2) pressure gauge.

If the gauge is not required it may be removed and the 1/8 NPT gauge plug (11004) inserted in its place.

The standard Whitey valve (5056) may be replaced with a straight hose cock (11003) if a hose connection is required. All replacement parts are the same as those found on the Zahm New Style Air Tester (Series 5000).    



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